Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pretty Party: Shower Shower

I went to a super sweet baby shower this past Sunday for a super sweet girlfriend of mine. The theme of said shower was pretty much just awesomeness - bunting and delicious nibblies and fruit-infused water served in glass baby bottles (which I'd never seen before—and I've been to my fair share of showers). Now I'm not exactly opposed to "themes" but they have the tendency to get a little out of hand. I've found one though that got me pretty excited. Have you seen this before? A "shower" shower? Isn't it clever? I don't think it's crazy overdone so that's a check in the positive column. What do you think?
"shower" shower
image sources: blue + yellow // umbrella + rain // cloud cookies // striped straws // cloud cupcakes // watering can // rain + white pouf // artwork // rainboots

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