Thursday, April 15, 2010

Keepin' It Clean

I am lucky enough to live in my father's childhood home — a sweet little two-bedroom house on about an acre of land located just far enough outside of the city. There are many things that I really love about the space: the sun porch with tons of light, the lilac bushes outside my kitchen window, the beautiful aqua sink and tub in the tiny bathroom... But there are a few things that I'm not crazy about: the lack of closet space, minimal counter tops and the absolutely ancient, avocado-colored washer and dryer. I know I shouldn't complain, they do work just fine and it sure beats the laundromat, but I do find myself daydreaming on occasion (usually when I've been waiting for my clothes to dry for two hours) of a charming laundry room. A room with ample storage, a drop-down ironing board and lots of natural light. You know, something like this...
Laundry Rooms
Laundry Rooms
*Images from— (row 1) simply grove/linen cupboard (row 2) stagetecture/country living (row 3) decorpad/simply grove (row 4) simplygrove/digsdigs*
I love the idea of putting your sewing area and a work desk in the laundry room too. If you were talented enough to be able to tailor or mend or sew a button back on, it'd be nice to have a dedicated area to do that sort of thing.

If you're like me and this sort of laundry room isn't really in the cards for you right now, why not bring a little bit of beauty to the room with these charming detergents? You could always make your own and store it in an elegant glass jar or other lovely container... or get your debit card out and order one of these beauties.
Laundry Detergents
(01): JR Watkins (02): The Laundress (03): Charlie's Soap (04): Town Talk Polish (05): B_E_E (06): Mrs. Meyers (I've also seen this at Target) (07): Maison Belle (08): Art Home

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