Friday, April 2, 2010

A Votre Sante

I took a few years of French but didn't retain much, so I don't want to give you the wrong impression with the title of this post... I absolutely had to google "french version of 'cheers'". And "a votre sante" is what I got. This apparently means "to your health" which is quite a lovely sentiment, don't you think?
Another thing I don't want to mislead you about is my wine knowledge (of which I have none). But I couldn't possibly focus a week on Paris and not talk about wine, so, here we are. I've loved these photos from Flickr user tompalumbo for many moons and am so pleased that they fit with this post so well! They're from Paris in 1962 and they are exactly what I picture when I think of Frenchies (can I call them that?) drinking wine— a dimly lit cafe, bow ties, brooches and kissing.
Tompalumbos Beautiful photos
Since I don't know a thing about wine, I am forced to judge a bottle by it's label. And I would absolutely purchase these lovely bottles from designer Thomas Berthon. He has a beautiful grasp on typography and does such a nice job with layout and color. Speaking of color, isn't that pink rose wine so charming? I'd hate to drink it!
French wine
And these from designer Hanna Backman, and from labels Hold Up and Fat Bastard are so witty and fun! I heart the moustaches and that sweet hippo!
French Wine 1
And finally, I discovered an online winery that offers any wine you can imagine and gathered a collage of labels for you to enjoy. So, enjoy!
French Wine labels


  1. Ah! this makes me want to collect wine labels- what a beautiful post. Jeff and I went to madison today and I picked up a beautiful paris poster that I can't wait to frame- totally reminded me of this!

    (btw- you will enjoy that you have one that says 'de puta madre' which in spanish means, ehem, :clearing throat: mother fucker (there I said it- it's a lot more threatening typed out!))

  2. I was thinking I should collect wine labels as well little miss! But I think I'd ruin them every time trying to get them off the bottle...

    Yay Madison!

    (And - oh no! That's not a nice thing for a bottle of wine to say! I don't care how well acquainted we are :)


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