Saturday, April 3, 2010

La Tour Eiffel

The perfect ending to a visit to Paris is a focus on the Eiffel Tower. Love it or hate it, it's undeniably a Parisian icon. Personally, I heart the tower - every time I see it I smile and am completely charmed. I'm not the only one obviously. These sweet photos from Flickr users showcase mini versions (and one illustration) of the monument.
Lovely flickr Eiffel
These artists have lovely photostreams full of beautiful images: krishhtine, lilylove and lyptonvillage.

I love these fashionable interpretations of the tower from Pretty Raccoon on Etsy (01 + 02), french presents (03) and ioffer (04). That apron would be fabulous whether you were shopping at a local market or baking a creme brulee. And I love the idea of a nice graphic print on a cocktail dress. Get yourself some heavy bangs and add some fancy tights and you can make anything fashionable...
Eiffel Fashion
I so often see the Eiffel Tower depicted in black and white that when I came across these really sweet (and pink!) images I had to share them. My cousin's 18-month old sweetie, Grace, would be the belle of the ball in that charming pink dress (02) eating that pink Eiffel cookie. (04) Heck, I'd be charming in that pink dress... Even a cheapie plastic snow globe is somehow magical filled with a raspberry backdrop and the tower (03). Finally, that watercolor (01) is so beautiful - I just want to bite into those gorgeous macaroons!
Sweet Eiffel
I can't think of a better way to end this tour of the tower than with these hilarious and clever interpretations. They make me giggle...
Silly little Eiffel
(01) Drawing by Tom Takes Pictures (02) Hilarious stuffed Eiffel Tower (03) Cookie Tower from What's Cooking (04) Eiffel tower made of Legos (05) Caricature of Gustav Eiffel (06) One happy pup

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