Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lovely Luggage

My aunt treated me to a night away this past weekend for my birthday. We stayed overnight at a beautiful hotel in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin with a gorgeous view, room service and all the amenities (like a TV in the mirror in the bathroom!). It was great to get away, even if it was just for an evening. Packing my favorite Pan Am overnight bag got me thinking about vintage luggage and how much I love it. I'm not the only one—look at these clever uses for old suitcases.
Repurposed luggage
This lovely table is so sleek and modern—and seemingly easy to make (01). These repurposed suitcases (02) aren't exactly vintage, but they're lovely just the same—I love the stripes and dots. Readymade is such a clever magazine so it's not surprising that they've come up with this fun project for a train case bar (03). Pets are always wanting to curl up in your suitcase when you're trying to pack them so this pet bed seems like the perfect use for an old case (04). Isn't he sweet? He matches the damask so perfectly!

Since my laptop and I are together constantly, I love the idea of carrying it around in something a little more fun and charming than the boring red bag that I'm currently using. I'll have to keep my eyes open for the perfect suitcase to do this fun project. Also, the idea of filing boring bills and other papers in a lovely blue hard case is so much more pleasing than the pile I keep them in now. I wonder how hard it would be? It'd be worth the attempt certainly!
Repurposed suitcases


  1. thanks for the flattering use of my sleek black table! (#1)


  2. It really is a beautiful table! Nicely done! And the room you have it in is gorgeous!


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