Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A (Lovely) Education

Have you seen An Education yet? It was really quite lovely to watch— the costumes, colors and set design was quite nice. The story was difficult to watch at times but I was always comforted by the beauty of the visuals. See what I mean? Her dress is like a painting and his tie clip and camera are just so darn dapper.
An Education Movie Still
I love this shot of Carey Mulligan and that cutie Dominic Cooper doing a little dance - her cream dress with that pop of red on the shoulder is stunning. I love the ladies with the car too: Rosamund Pike's leopard coat and Ms. Mulligan's leopard hat is such a good idea!
An Education Movie Stills
The top left image (below) was used in the movie poster and you can definitely see why— it's breathtaking. Everything is so delicate: their expressions, the touching, the sweet red handkerchief on the stones. I love that so many of the fabric patterns from this era could've been made into a dress or upholstery or curtains— wouldn't her blue and green hydrangea dress make a gorgeous chair? Oh! And that shot of Carey in front of the pantry is so beautiful. The muted wallpaper and her school uniform to the right of that perfectly organized pantry is so charming.
An Education Movie Stills
(all images copyright Sony Pictures Classic via ace showbiz)
To wrap things up I thought I'd share some of the album covers from the soundtrack, just to give another glimpse of the time period. I love a good mix and this one doesn't disappoint. Be sure to listen to Mademoiselle Grecco while wearing your fake eyelashes and drinking a glass of wine.
Record Covers
(All albums and images from Amazon—the soundtrack can be found there too.)

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  1. I saw this movie recently and I went crazy for it. It's such an amazing story! I can't believe it really happened.

    What is it about those clean 60's lines that is so totally stylish... The A-line has always been my fav. I wish the 80's would go away and the late 50's early 60's would come back.


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