Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Altitude Summit Recap

I feel like I need to preface this post with a sheepish "I didn't actually go to this thing". And an even sheepishier (probably not a word...) "I didn't actually even realize it existed until after it had started". That said, I'm going next year.
From what I can gather the "Altitude Summit" is a conference for awesome bloggers of all types: fashion, design, food, you name it. These amazing (mostly) ladies participate in workshops and listen to some of their (my) blogging idols talk about how they became successful. And it's in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah. And it's like summer camp but with cocktails and an amazing Kate Spade party. Start shopping for scarves and snow boots because you're coming with me next year!
Alt recap 1
Alt recap 2
Alt recap 3
Alt recap 4
Doesn't it look like a good time? Yes.
images came from twig and thistle // oh hello friend // design crush // flickr // jeanne oliver // annily green // raina kattelson // one sydney road // cartoules letterpress // armelle jewelry // promise tangeman

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