Monday, February 28, 2011

Some Lovely Ladies + a Mini-Vaca

Hello my dears! I am composing this post from a lovely beachy apartment in a magical place called Surfers Paradise. That said, I have waves to bob in and sand to walk on so today's post is a bit of a redirect.
Notice that I don't have a profile pic in my bio? Well this was a purposeful decision but lately I've been thinking a bit about this and wondering if I ought to put something up so you can put a face to all of this rambling. So, as I make my way through my massive blog-roll I've been noticing the different types of profile images people choose.
Lady Bloggers 1
Lady Bloggers 2
Lady Bloggers 3
Lady Bloggers 4
Cute right? What do you think — picture or no picture? Hmmmm.
So, while I'm enjoying an ice cold drink with an ocean view, you should go check out these lovely ladies blogs (from the top): yes! // lara collins // darling clementine // dandelion + grey // design love fest // jessica hische // home love // the neotraditionalist // promise tangeman // angela hardison // lindsay letters // bash please // patricia mumau // rifle paper co
Wish you were here! xo


  1. Have such great memories of Surfers Paradise. My sister & her husband lived in the Q1 for a year...although my visit was only a month long, it was absolutely incredible!
    Have fun! Enjoy the sunshine (there's still snow where I am in Canada).

  2. i'm jealous of your sounds so lovely. i like seeing pictures of bloggers. its not just about seeing what people look can also tell a lot about all these ladies' personalities too. :)

  3. It was a great time Jordana! I can't believe they actually lived in the Q1! We were only in Surfers Paradise for a night so we didn't go inside of the building but it was quite impressive from the outside. If it makes your snow any more bearable, I got sunburned. Even with SPF30 the Australian sun got me. Oh well, it was still beautiful! (Thanks for your comment!)
    Lara! Your profile pic is utterly adorable. And it really does say so much about you (well at least the impression I get of you). I remember thinking that it was such a good idea for you to use that birthday cake picture. Cheers!


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