Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nautical Tangerine

I was at the grocery store yesterday and I happened down the cosmetics aisle (aside: I've noticed that as an "adult" I leave the grocery store way too often with makeup and magazines and completely forget the laundry soap I went in for... back to the story). Long story short, I bought some a-ma-zing bright orange nail polish (I needed it obviously). And as I was sitting on the bus on the way to work this morning I couldn't stop looking at this beautiful polish against the dark wash of my jeans and I was inspired to put together a little nautically striped + bright orange story board for us.
Nautical Tangerine 1
Nautical Tangerine 2
Nautical Tangerine 3
Nautical Tangerine 4
striped dress with ruffle // orange pants // orange bangle // long striped skirt // striped capris // striped cap-sleeve dress // striped shoe // umbrella // striped shirt // nail polish // orange capris // orange maxi // striped socks // orange flats // striped with mesh dress // watch // short striped skirt
Do you have a favorite color combination?

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