Wednesday, February 16, 2011

She Works Hard (For the Money)

I went from working in a basement to working at my dining room table (ok, it's not exactly my table and it is in Australia, but still)... Point being that I've never had a cool workspace. But ever since I powered up my first Mac I've wanted to be one of those cool kids who has a "satchel" and enjoys "sandwich o'clock" and works at a long piece of reclaimed wood (that also doubles as a ping-pong table). Know what I mean? Who's with me? Let's drool over these studios together, shall we?
Studios (1)
Studios (2)
Studios (3)
I wouldn't mind working/playing/living in any of these spaces. I'm particularly drawn to darling clementines space though (the black and white checked floor is gorgeous!).
images from: yellow trace // darling clementine // de cesare design group // design crave // abduzeedo // candy black design // my favorites // minted design // the design files


  1. we just got a new desk in our apartment and have been brainstorming for ways to decorate the work space. these photos are the perfect inspiration!!

  2. Hi Gloria (of Little White Whale everyone!)! Glad to help you with some ideas. I'd bet anything you'll make it a lovely little space...


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