Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Designed by Mr. Adler

Oh Jonathan. Not only does he have amazing personal style and creates stunning pottery, but he's funny and quirky and a talented interior designer. I didn't realize that his brand offered interior design services, but when I visited his site in preparation for this post I was excited to see the little tab at the top of the page. He's done private residences as well as commercial spaces (and his stores aren't too shabby either). I've collected some for you:
Jonathan Adler Interior Design
Jonathan Adler Interior Design
Aren't they great? They're cheeky and retro and modern and bold—just like Jonathan.
So, maybe we can't afford to have the man himself come and design our house, we can (with one or two less latte's a week) afford to take home a great piece from the online store. Priority number 1: hilarious Acapulco pillow.
Jonathan Adler Products
Gosh. They're just so gorgeous and fun!


  1. This is a fantastic selection of Mr Adler's portfolio - I adore his happy chic style!

    Love the objects you have selected, the Acapulco pillow is awesome! :-D

    (discovered you through La Maison Boheme and I love your blog!)

  2. Hi Meera! Thanks for the kind words and for dropping by! So glad you like what you see!

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