Monday, December 20, 2010

Meet: Jose Pulido

I work at an incredibly charming little boutique and that attracts incredibly charming ladies. One such lady had a great tote with her: a mexican folk art version of the star wars character chewbacca. And because I have this need to let people know when they're wearing something fabulous I gushed over it and she told me that she had gotten it at a handmade market (or maybe it was from his Etsy shop? I forget...) and that the artist did other amazing pop art screen prints as well. So. I had to research and share with you. You're going to totally dig this.
Jose PulidoJose Pulido
Jose Pulido
Cool right? What a talented guy. Pop over to his Etsy, Flickr or website to see some more awesomeness. (PS. You're all very hip, but just in case you're wondering these are images of [from top]: chewbacca, c3po + r2d2, princess leia + han solo, bob marley, elvis, johnny cash, charlie chaplin and vincent vega + jules winnfield)

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