Monday, December 6, 2010

A Night in a Yurt

Are you familiar with "yurts"? I wasn't, not really. I'd seen pictures but I didn't realize these round, tent-like structures had a specific name and I certainly didn't know said name was as funny and cute as "yurt". I came across this amazing Norwegian hotel (the Canvas Hotel) and just had to learn a little more about yurts. From what I can gather most (if not all) yurts consist of one large area generally with a sitting space and a bed. No kitchen, no bathroom, no internet, no cable—the whole point is to get you reconnected with nature and yourself and your companion. Sounds amazing.
Images from: canvas hotel // canvas chic // hooting owl // hoopoe hotel // treebones resort // orca island cabins
Just in case you aren't able to spend a holiday in a yute this year and would like to recreate some of the tranquility and back-to-nature simplicity of the space, I thought I'd create an idea board to help get you started. Besides, I haven't made one of these in awhile so I thought I should get back into the habit of it!
Inspired by yurts
Sources: tapestry // coffee table // chair // pendant // pillow // terrarium // fireplace

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