Friday, August 5, 2011

Listen To This: Gotye + Kimbra

It goes without saying that I was very sad to leave Sydney after having such a magical time. Want to know what kept me from crying? Hot chocolate and tv. Now there weren't many channels available, it was pretty much just nickelodeon and fox news but I found something I could watch for more than five minutes at a time: music videos. I bet you know where this is going (cause you're so clever)... I saw this video moments before we landed and I fell in love with it. The song has an 80s feel to it and the boy is cute and Kimbra contributes her amazing talent. All in all, it's very successful.

Gotye + Kimbra // Somebody that I used to know
Oh. And. Ummmm... there aren't any tweets this week. I'm a big ol' slacker. Have a good weekend though! Book a flight somewhere if you can. Or just explore your own neighborhood.


  1. This has been playing in my head ever since I heard it on your blog. Shared it on my blog too;)

  2. I know Nina! I've listened to it a hundred times since that night! It's amazing. x


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