Friday, August 12, 2011

Listen To This: Raphael Saadiq

I'm about to have a very emotional week as I say goodbye to everyone and everything that has been my life for a year. I board a plane on Thursday from Australia back to the US and I'm scared and excited and hopeful. That said, today's song had to be fun and upbeat and not the slightest bit mopey because I don't need any help into a funk. Enter Raphael Saadiq. Do you know him? He was part of Tony! Toni! Tone! back in the day and he has definitely still got it. Prepare to shoulder dance in your chair my dear.

raphael saadiq // 100 yard dash
On to this week's tweets! (@hmdtweets)
sliding to work // upholstery tutorial // faux-logos // beirut! // diy table numbers

Have an excellent weekend lovelies! xo

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