Monday, August 29, 2011

Look At This: Ms. Sadie North

Sometimes I feel exhausted immediately after I get up in the morning. Sometimes I don't have the energy to take my lunch dishes to the sink. Occasionally I don't get dressed and watch Law and Order SVU all freakin' day. The days when I start complaining about getting old/not having any motivation/not getting enough sleep — those are the days I come across someone like Sadie. This sweet lady is 77 years old (or was in September 1952) and is as inspiring as they come. She mows her lawn, sings in the church choir, earns her money by babysitting and as a practical nurse, teaches young women swimming, learned to ride a bike when she was 67 and now rides it everywhere, taught herself to type (and wears a visor like a newspaper editor while she composes her letters - adorable)... geez. I should stop complaining and actually go do something with my life! Sadie, you're forever an inspiration.
Ms Sadie North (from LIFE archives)
Does she remind you of anyone you knew/know?
(sadie images are from LIFE magazine [via Miss Moss] and the print is from natalie candlish)

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