Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Meet: Mark Tuckey

I'm getting ready to move everything I've accumulated over the past year across the world and since I'm allowed two checked bags this means I have a lot of purging to do. I've been spending a few afternoons going through magazines and ripping out lovely and important things. Today I flipped through a back issue of Australian Bazaar and came across the home of furniture designer Mark Tuckey. His beach house definitely got removed from it's binding and will be traveling across the ocean with me (where it will no doubt find a home in a binder of similarly gorgeous rooms and I'll never look at it again). I decided you might want to see it too, so off I went to explore what the internets had to say about him. I had no idea the gorgeous-ness I was about to find. Not only are his homes (yes, there are a few) beautiful, but his stores and design work and furniture are absolutely lovely. I've once again collected (maybe a few too many) images for you to be inspired by. Hope you are.
Mark Tuckey
Mark Tuckey
Mark Tuckey
If you're a fellow Australian, are you watching "The Block"? If you are you probably recognize some of his furniture from Josh and Jenna's and Katrina and Amie's rooms. He has some really great pieces.
Images from Mark's site.

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