Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Moving In: Josh + Jenna

All of you non-Australians really missed out on a great reality TV show recently. The Block was a super entertaining show that centered around a row of four houses in Melbourne being renovated by four teams of two (three couples and one set of sisters). Basically these four houses had to be completely redone (surfaces, wiring, plumbing, exterior) and after they completed this massive task (in only ten weeks by the way!) the houses went up for auction. The overall winner was determined by which house sold for the most over their reserve price. I missed the finale because I decided to leave Australia right before it aired. But thanks to the internets (and a super great sister-in-law still in Oz) I know all of the details. Shockingly the only house that sold was Waz and Polly's. They didn't do my favorite work but they were my favorite team - they were hilarious and pleasant and full of personality. Oh and it felt like they really loved each other which was very sweet to watch. But this post isn't about them. The couple that did do my favorite work was Josh and Jenna. They were definitely the youngest of the teams (he's 24, she's 23) and they had that trendy/vintage/diy decorating style that I dig so much. They used grey as their neutral backdrop but then added great artwork and cushions and vintage lighting to make the room exciting and fresh. I think you're going to like this. Oh, and if you have a few hundred thousand dollars laying around the house is still for sale.
Josh + Jenna's House
Josh + Jenna's House
Josh + Jenna's House
all images are from channel 9's site. Head over there to see the other houses and read all about the show - if you're interested. Oh! I almost forgot! A cute side note: Josh proposed to Jenna at the auction. She said yes. They're adorable.

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