Monday, August 15, 2011

Look At This: Food Trucks

Well. It had to come to an end I suppose. This week (actually in four days) I leave Australia and my brother and sister-in-law and all of my friends and family here. It sounds awful (and it kind of is) but it's also really exciting. After I leave here I'm going to spend a week and a half in Ventura, California with some dear friends soaking up some sun and enjoying some of the American things I've missed (Target!). That said, I have no idea what this week is going to look like on the blog. I really need to leave some space for good-byes and packing and then jet lag on the other side (on top of continuing to do some design work). So, when I post this week they'll probably be much shorter than normal. Thanks for your encouragement and understanding these past few weeks! Once I'm settled back in the states things'll be back to normal. Promise!
Now, for today's post!
Have you familiarized yourself with this food trend: food trucks? Well, from what I can gather they're making quite a stir in the foodie world. Not only are they fun and summery and unique, but apparently they're also delicious offering everything from all-beef hot dogs to mexican to korean bbq. Inspired Mag recently presented an infographic from Mashable that put together chronicling the rise of the social food truck. Very interesting (and pretty).
Food Trucks-Infographic
And just to give you a glimpse into what some of these beasts look like, here are a few images featuring some of the "favorites" listed above.
Food Trucks
images from top left: spencer on the go // border grill // kogi bbq (both)


  1. Hope you have a safe trip back to the US :-) I've loved the recent rise of food trucks - this infographic is so interesting!

  2. I saw a grilled cheese truck in Boston on Saturday.

  3. Love love love this post and the food truck facts! Have a great trip in Ventura - I know you will! Hugs!!


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