Thursday, March 17, 2011

All the Buildings in New York

When James Gulliver Hancock moved to NYC a year-ish ago, he decided to start drawing "all the buildings in New York". You gotta love a lofty goal. Now I'm not sure if that means that he's really trying to draw every gorgeous building or if it more implies that he's just going to keep on keepin on until he's bored (perish the thought!). I've always enjoyed drawings of the exteriors of buildings and New York is just so full of fabulous architecture that this project was destined to intrigue me. You're going to enjoy it I'm certain.
James Gulliver Hancock (1)
James Gulliver Hancock (2)
James Gulliver Hancock (3)
Good news! You can purchase any of his drawings (that's right any!). Visit his blog and his website. And thanks to the design files for introducing me to this project.

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