Monday, March 7, 2011

Watanabe + Fashionable Ladies

Wouldn't you love to crawl into these lovely landscape paintings by Tokyo illustrator Fmio Watanabe? Well, me too and I've found the next best thing: beautiful fashion that you could actually live in inspired by these pretty pictures. I'm sure we're all in the market for a new dress or pair of shorts with the change of seasons...
Watanabe + Fashion (1)
Watanabe + Fashion (2)
Watanabe + Fashion 3
Beautiful right? See more of his gorgeous work here. Oh, and the fashion? From the top left: blue shorts // blue + white tulip skirt // leather belted dress // color block dress // floral dress // green beaded top // watercolor dress // floral dress // multi-colored tights // painted skirt // sleeveless dress // green dress // cream floral dress // floral jumpsuit
PS. Thanks to design work life for introducing Fmio to me!


  1. oooh love these art + fashion pairings - so fabulous!

  2. Thanks Gloria! It was a lot of fun to put together! And I thought they turned out really well, so thanks for noticing :)


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