Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fabulous Thrift

Remember a while back when I talked about the fabulous Red Velvet Store in Springfield, Missouri? Well since that post I've been noticing more and more amazing boutique thrift stores being reported on. It got me thinking about the merchandising challenges of literally constantly revolving stock and I'm in complete awe of the talented group of people that have created the following lovely boutique spaces.
Boutique Thrift (1)
Boutique Thrift (2)
Boutique Thrift (3)
Boutique Thrift (4)
Beautiful right? Maybe I'm just a sucker for 1970s mod wall paper and rows of workboots, but I think these particular shops have really excelled in the design of their fitting rooms and merchandising of men's items. Featured shops: Red Velvet // Brass Razoo // Stock Vintage // Interim Thrift Boutique (Please check out this video that Interim put together explaining their concept. It's really well done and the message is great.)
See you tomorrow my dears!

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