Monday, March 28, 2011

Circus + Carnival + Katy

First off, please take note that although I could've easily spelled "circus" and "carnival" with a "k" so that everything would match, I refrained. I've never understood the need to do that. I lived in a tiny town in Wisconsin and there was a little diner called the "koffee kup". Why?! They both already start with the same letter! I think it'll irritate forever and ever. Ok, let's move on...
I got to work early this morning (I know, it's a miracle. Especially with my reliance on public transportation. Back to the story.). I not only had time to get a coffee but I had to time to stop into the Newstand. I'd never been so I didn't know what to expect— I thought it'd be a handful of magazines and a cooler of drinks. Boy was I wrong. I literally caught my breath when I stepped into the shop. Magazines as far as the eye can see! Since I'm obsessed with magazines, I was giddy. Let me say though, magazines in Australia are about three times as expensive as magazines at home, so I've had to reign myself in. But today I was determined to buy and ended up with British Country Living (with bonus issue!), British Glamour and American Elle got me at the check-out because it had the lovely Katy Perry on the cover and was a special price of $5.95. This is a long story to say that the photoshoot of Ms Perry (or Mrs. Brand rather) is really lovely and what I'm showing you today. The stylist was Joe Zee (remember him from "The City"?) and was photographed by Carter Smith. I'm not sure whose brilliant idea it was to have it circus themed but I think the whole thing is gorgeous. What do you think?
Circus / Carnival / Katy
Stunning right? I searched and searched for the "outtakes" but they either haven't made it to the internet yet or they only took ten photographs because I couldn't find any at all. They'll probably turn up just as soon as I stop looking...
I thought this was the perfect opportunity to share some wedding/engagement pictures of circus/carnival themed shoots that I've been sitting on for a bit. It's a really fun concept don't you think?
Circus / Carnival / Katy
Circus / Carnival / Katy
images: carousel + photo booth // gold skirt + popcorn + bike // pink dress + heart tattoo + lollipops

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