Friday, March 25, 2011

Listen To This: She + Him

Who doesn't love Zooey Deschanel? Obviously we all do because she's adorable. And if we don't all love M. Ward we're about to. Together they make up She + Him and they're absolutely delightful. Here are the two of them covering The Miracles 1962 classic "You Really Got A Hold On Me". It's charming and melancholy and a great ease into the weekend.

(she + him // you really got a hold on me)
Gorgeous. And in case you missed it, Zooey has a fun little Tumblr you should be visiting.
Now. I have a confession to make: this is recycled. Two Valentine's ago I did a week of designs for my design blog that were inspired by different songs. It's been a busy week and I didn't have time to create something brand new, but this is still my original work and it's still a gift to you. So. I hope you love it.
She + Him: You Really Got A Hold On Me
Best of weekends to you my dears!


  1. love love love! zooey is too adorable and talented. i never knew she had a tumblr page - happy to find it!

  2. Isn't she lovely?! Yes. And her Tumblr is good fun... although she doesn't update as much as I'd prefer. She must be busy or something... Have a good day Gloria!


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