Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Meet: Camilla Krishnaswamy

I haven't posted a stylists' portfolio in awhile and I was so happy when Sara Kate Studios featured an intriguing photograph on her site, leading me to the Swedish stylist Camilla Krishnaswamy. Camilla's work is oh so Scandanavian (which you know I adore!) and oh so lovely. She finds the best little items to feature in her stories: Alexander Girard dolls mixed with glasses of wine, gorgeous African busts, a vintage green metal fan, an illustration of nylons hanging on a coat rack (seriously... where can I get that?!). Well, just look at all the beauties:
Camilla Krishaswamy (1)
Camilla Krishaswamy (2)
Camilla Krishaswamy (3)
Camilla Krishaswamy (4)
Ugh. Gorgeous. I (once again) got a little carried away with the images, but there are still plenty more to see in her portfolio. Check 'em out! Be inspired!

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