Thursday, March 3, 2011

Closet Visit and Jeana Sohn

Ever wish you had someone else's closet? Yah, me too. Which is what drew me to this project by photographer and artist Jeana Sohn appropriately titled "Closet Visit". I'm not entirely sure how she chooses her subjects, but she's created a well-rounded collection of ladies closets/fashion. Each lady's closet is photographed along with some great shots of the clothing's owners modeling their outfits. There are heaps and heaps and I had to purge my collection a handful of times to get it down to this many.
Closet Visits (1)
Closet Visits (2)
Closet Visits (3)
Closet Visits (4)
It's all so lovely (not just the women and their beautiful homes, but the styling and photography itself). Go check out Jeana's blog and Closet Visit. Whose closet do you want?


  1. love me some closet visit and i l-l-l-l-l-looooove this compilation of fave photographs you've put together. i know i've praised your blog before, but it seriously is a visual party that more people should know about. i hope you're commenting on your favorite blogs so they can discover the goodness that is "hello my dear blog!"

  2. Well thank you so much! It's hilarious that of all of my zillions of blogs that I look at, yours was the one I had open on my computer this morning! I'm off to comment :)

  3. gosh this collage is so fantastic! i really love closet visit...


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