Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lived In

When I picture my dream house, it's never a stark, white, clean-lined space of modernity—it always features exposed brick and old, worn furnishings and potted plants and deep, rich colors. Sure I consider flings with white rooms or bright, bold spaces or even a concrete and glass waterfront property, but time and time again, I crawl back to my first love. These rooms just feel so right to me: so comfortable and calm and nostalgic. Do you have a style you are constantly drawn to? Is it represented in your current space?
Lived In (1)
Lived In (2)
Lived In (3)
Lived In (4)
Lived In (5)
Ugh. It's all so lovely!
images from top left and in rows: kitchen pantry // blue bedroom wall // brick wall + floral lampshades // leather chair // old mirror // living room + leather furniture // wood dresser // spiral staircase // blue dining room door // blue-green desk // grey hutch // cubbies // piano // stone kitchen1 // stone kitchen2 // stone kitchen3 // theater posters // map wall // turquoise bookshelves // blue cabinet


  1. Be still my heart, this is all so lovely. Right up my boho alley. XO

  2. Hi Sarah! I knew you'd love this one :) Have a good weekend!


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