Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bell Jar Art

I've always loved a jar. Whether it be one of those old time-y jam jars (you know, the ones with the little fruits on them?) or a beautiful turquoise Mason jar or a bell jar. I love that bell jars in particular can transform its contents (no matter how mundane) into a piece of art. When I get a place of my own again I'm definitely going to figure out a place for a bell jar or two. Another great thing about these pieces of art? You can change them easily: pinecones in the winter, a collection of feathers in the fall, a huge artificial magnolia in the spring, a pair of vintage pumps any time of the year... the sky's the limit.
Bell jars (1)
Bell jars (2)
Bell jars (3)
Bell jars (4)
What would you put in your jar? Do you have one? I want that mini trailer in the drawing above in mine. Adorable.
images from: emmas design blogg // sadie olive // apartment therapy // lonny // home shopping spy // houzz // sanctuary // cox + cox // we heart it // the bedlam of beefy // a print a day // the drill hall // remodelista // day


  1. Have one. Love it! I have a large shell under it. My mom has a few and she has put various silver figures under them. So pretty.
    You've gathered a gorgeous selection of photos here. Quite the inspiration!

  2. Beautiful choices with the, love!!

    I just found you...great blog...I am now following!
    Happy Friday,

  3. Oh bell jars - they really are so magical! Glad to find 3 lovely ladies who enjoy them as well! (welcome Ashlyn!)


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