Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Proud Parents

There is nothing better than a good family photo (and nothing worse than a bad one...). We all have family photos that we adore so I thought I'd share a few fun ways to display them.
Family Photo Displays (1)
Family Photo Displays (2)
Family Photo Displays (3)
I love the photos stuck directly to the wall and the huge blown-up photographs (how amazing is that black and white image of the three little girls?!). I also really love the idea of a collage in an unexpected place—like the bathroom.
images (from top left): shelves // baby over the fireplace // with laurel wreath // living room wall // mural // collage over the bed // little girls with birds on their head over the sink // table // hallway and shelves // collage over fireplace // over the couch // hallway with black frames // over the twin beds // closeup of collage over fireplace // kitchen nook // bathroom

Ok, one last thing for today. While searching through some inspiration images I've collected I found some beautiful photographs taken by a father of his two sweet little girls. He's created a "photo blog" of them (Kayla + Kristin). They so clearly adore each other. Any of these pictures would be amazing as art in their home, don't you think?
Kristin and Kayla (JWL Photography)
I'm completely smitten with the image above of the two of them at sunset. So stinkin' cute! See you tomorrow my dears.


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