Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Apples + Oranges

I'm generally attracted to a neutral room but lately I've been drawn to bright colors. As I started going through my inspiration folders I realized that I've been collecting an awful lot of orange and green rooms. These spaces are so lively and friendly and unique. How do you feel about the use of vivid colors in your own home?Apples and Oranges (1)
Apples and Oranges (2)
Apples and Oranges (3)
Man I love the bright apple green especially, although I would absolutely adore any of the upholstered orange pieces. It'd be very difficult to be gloomy in such sunny spaces!
images (from top and across): green + white living room// orange shelf // orange art installation // green bedroom // orange living room // orange chairs + red sofa // green tile // green dishes // orange wall + white shelves // green headboard // orange + fireplace // butterfly cabinet // orange headboard // green framed art // green kitchen + 16 // orange dining // green floral wallpaper

1 comment:

  1. Wow this is too much goodness to take in...lovely blog! I love seeing vivid colors in other people's home but I feel more at home with my dusty blue walls. To each their own eh?


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