Monday, March 14, 2011

Take A Seat

I often get suggestions on what to blog about (mostly because I whine "I don't know what to blogggggg abouuuuuuuuut" and those around me offer input to stop the noise. [PS. Thanks!]). That said, I was with a friend today and we were talking about wedding details (as two unengaged ladies often will) and we got on the topic of seating charts and escort cards. I don't think she actually said "you should blog about that", but I was happy for the unintentional suggestion. And so are you because there are some good ones in this collection. Are you planning anything that needs a seating chart or place cards? I've always thought a fancy dinner party (or even a not-so-fancy dinner party) would feel even more special with seating cards. Maybe one day soon...
Take a Seat (1)
Take a Seat (2)
Take a Seat (3)
Take a Seat (4)
images (from top): keys // produce boxes // ladder // envelopes // grass // vintage valentines // chalkboard // buttons // doilies // string // library drawer // circles + pins // personalized pins // tall chart // corkboard on easels // fabric topped + clothespins // chart (with bike) // vintage travel postcards // corks // birds perched on glasses // corkboard // window // tags + clothespins + trinkets


  1. we made our wedding seating chart out of an old window i found on the street and lugged home! we sprayed the glass with chalkboard paint, wrote a lovely quote on it, and strung up seating cards in rows across the frame. as people took their cards, the "hidden" quote was slowly revealed :-)

    i really wish there were more occasions to make one - these are all so lovely!

  2. That sounds so great Gloria! I love a slow reveal :) I think you'd throw a gorgeous dinner party... complete with place cards of course!


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